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By now you should now what Phoenicians Getting Food is all about. It's about people getting food together. Phoenix x Food x Together. But when we aren't talking about all three, we like to highlight a few of our favs every now and then. If you're looking for a good place to let loose a bit, and give in to your urges of delicious "comfort foods", Windsor just may be the place. Located in central Phoenix and one of the many gems from Upward Projects, Windsor has a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe with familiar bar foods and specialty cocktails. It's romantic enough for a date but also the perfect hangout spot with a group of friends. And it has definitely become one of the staples in the area. There are some must-haves like the loaded chips we splurged on during our filming and even some secret menu items like the chicken pot pie that Mayor Stanton swears by (apparently only available during dinner time). Windsor is also a "something for everyone" spot in that you can literally go with the entire family and everyone will find something they like, from healthy options to smaller plates, to Sunday-Funday gorging. It really can be a one-size fits all if you aren't set on a particular style of food and would prefer having many options. There is one thing you won't find, however, and that's desserts. The sweet tooth's kryptonite is intentionally missing because Windsor is located right next to Churn, the ice cream and baked treats haven (more on that here). So if you haven't been, do yourself a favor and check it out. And if you've already been, go again! And again and again.

Windsor Bar and Restaurant



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