Ice Cream & Desserts

Warning: The following page contains descriptions and images of very delicious treats. If you love ice cream or you're a cookie monster, we apologize in advance.

Churn is, how do we say, a very good problem to have. Most people that say they are trying to cut back on sweets know just how ridiculously hard it is to actually cut back on said sweets. You need the mental fortitude of internet superstar Demarjay Smith. But on the flip side, and the reason we say Churn is a good problem to have is because deep down we all know that we don't really want to cut back on sweets. At least not for a long time. And we need a good go-to spot when it's time to live a little.  Located right next to Windsor in central Phoenix (and the reason why Windsor doesn't have a dessert menu), Churn has just about everything for your sweet tooth cravings. There are dozens of ice cream flavors with only the best ingredients, several different assortments of cones (waffle, pretzel, cake, and sugar cones), fresh baked cookies and brownies, ice cream sandwiches with said cookies and brownies, floats, milkshakes, sundaes, and even candy. Yes, candy. As if the cold and hot treats weren't enough. Oh, and there are toys also, like lots of toys stacked all the way up to the ceiling. Throwback, old-school, retro toys to make you feel like a kid again, most likely so you don't have an anxiety attack from all the sweets you're eating.

Bottom line is Churn rocks. It's the type of guilty pleasure we all need to make us feel awesome about ourselves. If you haven't been, shame on you. If you go all the time, shame on you (not really). If you go an appropriate amount of times throughout your life, BOOM. You are the winner. And we're all going to need you to write a book on self-control and/or delayed gratification.

Churn Ice Cream in Central Phoenix



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