Vietnamese Restaurant

We know we're just 3 episodes into launching Phoenicians Getting Food, but there has been one restaurant that has received the most feedback so far. Pho 43 Express. We didn't really have a criterion for picking this location when we decided to feature Allison Devane, we just all liked the restaurant and are big fans of Pho and Vietnamese food. But since shooting this episode there have been so many people tell us that Pho 43 Express is now one of their favorite spots. And we must say that's quite gratifying, especially coming from the people who had never heard of it before (it's one of our goals to put lesser-known restaurants on the map). Pho 43 Express, run by the Nguyen family that opened the location in the early 90s, has all of the right components to make it a classic; family-owned small business, welcoming and friendly service, authentic vibe, and out-of-this-world food. They also have macaron ice cream sandwiches that are ridiculous in size and creativity. You can even get crazy and put things like Captain Crunch cereal in the ice cream of the sandwich. We're not sure if they have them year round but they were there a couple summers ago. So maybe it's a summertime thing.

Then, of course, there's the food. Everything for the iconic pho bowl that started it all, the Vietnamese egg rolls and spring rolls, and the staple rice dishes. Needless to say, we all love Pho 43 Express, who is making a case for one of the very best in the valley.



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