Founder of Teaspressa

Have you ever met somebody before they were somebody? Have you had the good fortune to know a person before they "blew up"? We have, and it's pretty cool. If you haven't heard about Allison Devane by now, chances are you will know of her soon enough. She is the brilliant entrepreneur that literally invented a new way to make tea. As founder and CEO of Teaspressa,  an all natural and organic tea, she's introduced a way to make tea like coffee, without the coffee of course (or artificial flavors and additives). Teaspressa purposefully has the flavor of coffee and some teas, particularly black tea, so that you can enjoy the same brewed experience with a caffeine kick. That's right, caffeine! It can't get much better than that right?! We don't think so.

Since starting her journey in 2015, she's seen success come in waves. Allison was featured on Shark Tank about a year after starting Teapressa, and although her appearance did not land a deal, it created the exposure that has catapulted her into extreme growth ever since. And she isn't slowing down either. With multiple locations in Arizona, she plans to open her first non-Arizona location in Michigan later in 2018. Countless articles and features have been written about Allison, as she is widely considered one of Arizona's most influential women.

The coolest part of Allison's story is that she always knew she was destined for a different path. If you ask her, she'll tell you she felt a traditional lifestyle wasn't for her and that she just couldn't see herself working a normal job. She's always been a risk taker and big thinker, and selling herself short of the vision she saw just wasn't in the cards. Good thing she followed her gut because it has definitely paid off in more ways than she could've ever imagined. And we're pretty sure the best is yet to come. We are definitely believers. That must be why we knew she was special way back in 2015. When someone exudes such of a confidence and faith in where they want to go in life, it's contagious. It's only natural for the rest of us to become believers as well.

Learn more about Teaspressa here.



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