Most people don't know Sloane McFarland, Michael Babcock, and Jenn Robinson, the creators of Welcome Chicken and Donuts. They're the same folks behind Welcome Diner,  an award-winning restaurant in downtown Phoenix that recently relocated to a new spot on East Pierce Street. People may not also know that Welcome Chicken and Donuts moved into an old Kentucky Fried Chicken building and popularized their own version of "KFC"  - Korean Fried Chicken. The twice fried chicken is served alongside a wide assortment of freshly made donuts, as well as other specialty menu items the chefs decide on each week.

There are however many interesting things beyond chicken and donuts that have defined the creators over the past several years. For starters, Sloane McFarland has been pioneering building development in downtown Phoenix as far back as 2007 according to a Phoenix New Times article. Some of his most notable additions to the city include Lux Central and Pane Bianco. When it comes to Michael Babcock and his wife Jenn Robinson, it all began with a road trip that led Michael to fall in love with southern style food. As a result, Old Dixie's Food Truck was born. It was in 2013 that Michael and Jenn met Sloane, who was the sole owner of Welcome Diner. Their relationship led to a partnership, in that Old Dixie and Welcome Diner became one entity and the first of their multiple restaurant locations together. Their blend of southern style comfort foods has been a staple that clearly shows this partnership is working and that they have a knack for bringing us food experiences we didn't realize we needed.

But what is it exactly that keeps drawing people back? We believe it goes far beyond the tasty food. Welcome Diner has become more than just a restaurant, it is a familiar place for the neighborhood to find community and love. For many, it's a home away from home. The move wasn't actually part of the original plan but more of a result of circumstances, and it's very apparent that Sloane, Michael, and Jenn had grown fond of the quaint little space on Roosevelt and were content despite often times being limited on tabled seating. But they'll be the first to say how excited they are for the next chapter in their journey and the many new opportunities this next location can offer Welcome Diner.

As for Welcome Chicken and Donuts, we believe the same effect is taking place. A familiar place for the neighborhood to find community and love. It has become so popular so fast, that the same people that had never heard of Welcome Chicken and Donuts years ago are now regulars. And even beyond the small and quaint attributes of their physical location (sounds a bit familiar huh?), WC+D offers catering and party orders that bring endless possibilities for how we can enjoy their food.

Learn more about Welcome Chicken and Donuts here.



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